Cuvée Prestige Brut - Millésime 2013


  • Die Rebsorten :
    40% Pinot Noir, 30 % Chardonnay & 30 % Meunier
    Ernte von 2013
  • Keltern :
    Automatische Presse mit geneigtem Boden von Coquard
    Gärung in thermoregulierten Stahltanks
  • Verpackung :
  • Auszeichnungen :


Tasting notes:

This vintage cuvée will immediately wins you over thanks to its golden yellow hue. It expresses a powerful and complex nose combining fruity, floral, vanillary and spicy aromas to perfection.

Best for & Food Pairing :

The perfect companion for your cocktail dinners, this vintage cuvée wil bring out the best in a creamy veal casserole or roasted lobster.

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